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Гдз по английскому языку учебник 4 класс вербицкая forward 1 часть учебник

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Talk to your friend about what you can see. Listen and say true or false. The professor can use her computer Where were they yesterday? Где они были вчера? Carlo was at the video shop. Simon was at the office. Sarah was at the station. Alison was at the pizza parlour.

Listen to an interview. Practise them with your friend. Think of a place and a time. Ask questions to find out where your friend was. Listen to the description of this picture and repeat Послушай и повтори описание этого рисунка.

Listen to the song. Do you ask such silly questions? Sometimes in the shower or in the bath, I sing these silly questions which always make me laugh.

When I can do all of these things? Silly questions make you giggle. Silly questions make you laugh. Think of some silly questions with your friend. Найди в подписях к картинкам на с. Скажи, мы глагола to be в них употребляются. Что было в порядке вчера в прошлом , но испорчено сегодня в настоящем? CMy computer was OK yesterday, but it is no good today. My flowers were OK yesterday, but they are no good today.

A My guitar OK yesterday, but no good today. OK yesterday, but no good today. Ask questions about the children. Talk about your school friends. Were they at school yesterday? Как правило, при этом есть указание на конкретное время в прошлом: Глагол to be имеет две формы Past Simple; was, were. You were at home two hours ago. It was OK yesterday. They were in London last month. They were OK yesterday. С какими местоимениями множественного числа употребляется форма were?

С каким местоимением может использоваться эта форма в единственном числе? Can I ask you some questions, please? I was in my kitchen at home. Where were you at half past eleven? I was at school. Do you know these animals? Where do they live? What can they do? Can you describe these animals? There are a lot of monkeys in the rain forest. They eat They can She was at school. Даша послала Джил фотографии и заметки из своего дневника.

Прочитай их, вставляя глаголы. Today is November 7th. It has got lots of leaves. How many words can you find? Look at one of the pictures and describe what you see. It grows in gardens. It has beautiful red flowers and green leaves. It can hurt you. You can see it in Russia and in many other countries. Is it a rose? Read and say true or false. Where were you in August? Were you at a holiday camp? I was in Kamchatka with my dad 40 Что общего у всех этих слов?

Как читаются выделенные буквы? Напиши транскрипцию звуков, которые обозначены этими буквами. How tall are they? How tall are the trees, the ladder, the tent, the explorers and the elephant? Какие слова в подчёркнуты? Какие это части речи? The weather in the tropics is very hot and The trees in the rain forest grow very tall. How tall are you and your friends?

Write sentences about yourself and your friends. Nina is centimetres tall. Do you know these countries? Where do you live? Australia and the USA are big countries. They are bigger than Britain. It is a very big country. The weather can be different in different parts of Russia. In April it is cold and there is a lot of snow in Siberia, but it is warm on the Black Sea coast.

These are pictures of the Siberian taiga in winter. They sleep in their holes under the snow in winter. But there are lots of bears in the forest in the other seasons. Some trees in the taiga are 40 metres tall. These are pictures of Kamchatka. Kamchatka is famous for its active volcanoes. There are 29 active volcanoes there. You can see lakes with hot water not far from volcanoes. These are pictures of the Black Sea coast in summer. The Black Sea is in the south of Russia.

It is famous for its beaches, holiday camps and big ports. These are pictures of the Volga river in autumn. The Volga is very long. It is famous all over the world. You can see a lot of big ships on the river. There are 11 big cities by the side of the river. Where do you want to go? Поговорите о своём родном крае, используя слова из рамки. No, but you can swim in the Volga river. My calendar winter spring summer autumn 1 1 1 1 September 2 January 2 April 2 2 3 3 3 August 3 7.

Talk to your friend about seasons. Answer the questions 1 How many seasons are there in the year? U Wild animals of Russia a robin a blackbird a rabbit a squirrel a tiger a fox a bear Lots of animals and birds live in Russia. Wild rabbits, foxes and wolves live in big forests. Squirrels live in forests, too, but you can see them in many parks of different cities. There are lots of brown bears in Kamchatka and Siberia.

Blackbirds and robins live by the side of rivers. You can see them in parks and in gardens, too. Some animals are rare now. The Siberian tiger is famous all over the world. It is a special kind of tiger and it lives only in Siberia. Once there were a lot of tigers there. They are disappearing quickly. We must look after rare animals. I spy with my little eye Play the game with your friend. Выпиши из текста задания 8 названия животных в форме множественного числа.

Напиши рядом то же слово в форме единственного числа и определи, на какой звук оно оканчивается. Which animal is bigger? Которое из животных больше? An elephant is bigger than a bear. Talk to your friends. Where can we see these animals? They live in forests. Where can we see bears? Hello Jill, I was in Sochi last summer. The city is in the south of Russia. Many people come to Sochi for their holidays. They swim and dive in the sea and walk in beautiful parks. One of them is the Botanic Garden.

There are many rare plants from different countries there. These are my photos of orchids and palms. I want to grow an orchid at home. Напиши своё письмо Джил, вставляя нужные формы глаголов.

Можешь изменить письмо или добавить свою информацию. Расскажите о месте, где вы живёте. He lives in London. Look, here it is on the map. Now we want to find the Gardens. But not on your own. Anyway, I want to meet Joseph Alexander. No, we can walk. Excuse me, Mr Alexander. This is very important. And call me Joe! How shall we go?

Как нам надо ехать? How shall we go to the beach? Shall we go by bus? What time does the train leave? S0 1 Liverpool W. Talk to your friend about the trains What time does the train to London leave? Любишь ли ты свой герой этой песни? Here in our town, here in our town, here in our town! Here in our town, I meet my friends at the swimming pool. Покажи о котором в словаре. Незнакомые слова посмотри 9. Повтори их, постепенно понижая тон голоса к концу фразы. Professor Wallace is having a few problems.

Sam and Kate go to London by train. They want to find the famous explorer. They find him in the Palm House at Kew Gardens. Какой знак стоит в конце этих предложений? Предложите друг другу куда-нибудь пойти.

Выберите ответ в зависимости от того, насколько вам этого хочется. How can we get there? Как нам туда добраться? Ask and answer questions about transport.

Shall we go by Shall I go by. Сравни объявления об отправлении поездов с расписанием и вставь названия городов в объявление диктора на вокзале. Write questions and answers. What do you need to do this? Выбери нужные слова и словосочетания из обоих столбиков. Imagine what you can do with your friend. What do we need for it? We need a pot and a seed. Do we need some water? Where can the flower grow? It grows in a warm, light place. Can we grow it in the garden?

Yes, we can grow it in the garden spring and in summer. What must she do? Friday Go to the swimming Buy the magazine. Clean my room after school Read the poem. V7ater the flowers in my room. Meet grandma at the bus stop. Write a letter to Jill. О каких местах в Лондоне тебе уже приходилось слышать? London is the capital of England. The buildings in the picture are the Houses of Parliament.

The big clock is called Big Ben. The Houses of Parliament are next to the river Thames. You can visit the Tower of London. It is more than years old. There are fountains in the square, too. The Beefeaters guard the Crown Jewels. Найди на карте и прочитай тельностей Лондона, о которых названия достопримеча говорится в тексте. Houses of Parliament Tower g Bridge 4. Talk to your friend about the places on the map. How many seasons are there? How many months are there in the year?

Which month is before January? Which month is after July? What day is it today? What day was it yesterday? Look at the map of London p. Найди и исправь предложения, в которых есть ошибки. Trafalgar Square is to the north of the Houses of Parliament. The National Gallery is in Trafalgar Square. Составь предложения с этими словами. Is there a shop near your school? Where can you post a letter?

How many shops are there near your house? Where can you go swimming? Какие из этих существительных можно использовать с неопределённым артиклем, а какие — нет? Listen and read the poem. Can you answer the questions? Each boy has seven sacks. Each sack has seven cats. Each cat has seven kits: How many are going to Groyce? Можешь придумать свои рифмы? Что приготовлено для экспедиции? Joseph Alexander is going to help Professor Wallace.

Kate and Sam are going to travel with him. What do they need? Look at the equipment to the conversation. Point to the things they to take. Equipment and listen are going Sd-felv helmei wdler boHle olimbi ng rope 4.

Look at the equipment again. Ответь на вопросы, используя рисунок на с. Where are they going to sleep? What are they going to eat? What are they going to wear on their heads? What are they going to use to climb up the cliffs? How are they going to see in the dark?

Российские учебники и решебники ГДЗ онлайн. Изучение иностранного языка имеет большое значение для каждого ученика. Если Вы изучаете именно английский язык, то находите на нашем портале учебник Английский язык 4 класс М. Эббс Часть 1 года. Это пособие доступно и для просмотра и для скачивания. Важность знания английского языка в современном обществе сложно недооценить. Это значительно расширяет возможности каждого человека.

Получить качественное высшее образование или найти хорошую работу значительно проще тому у кого есть знания иностранного языка. Уделяйте этому предмету достаточно внимания. Для того чтобы не носить в школу тяжелый портфель с книгами, просматривайте учебник Английский язык 4 класс М. Эббс Часть 1 на нашем портале в режиме онлайн. Для этого не нужно отправлять сообщения с мобильного телефона или регистрироваться. Вы можете скачивать учебники и другие материалы по школьной программе на нашем интернет-ресурсе.

Если Вам не выдали пособие в школе, то не спешите покупать его на книжной рынке или супермаркете. Сэкономить деньги с нами просто. Решебники для 4-го класса Учебники для 4-го класса. Учебник Английский язык 4 класс М. Эббс год Часть 1 Авторы: A message on the computer стр.

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