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Грамматика голицынский 6 издание гдз ответы

У нас вы можете скачать книгу грамматика голицынский 6 издание гдз ответы в fb2, txt, PDF, EPUB, doc, rtf, jar, djvu, lrf!

Онлайн-ответы на домашние упражнения:. По отдельным заданиям приводится несколько вариантов выполнения, что позволяет более глубоко понять алгоритм выполнения упражнений. Благодаря решебнику по английскому языку родители также вовлекаются в процесс обучения ребенка: Учебное пособие, составленное Голицинским Ю. Все теоретические сведения подкреплены практическими упражнениями, которые закрепляют у учащихся знания языка. Многие упражнения, приведенные в пособии, относятся к разряду заданий повышенной сложности.

Воспользовавшись готовыми домашними заданиями, школьник не только обеспечит качественное выполнение домашней работы, но и закрепит полученные в классе знания. There are some eggs and some apples. There is an orange, a lemon, and some jam in a little vase. There is some juice in this cup. May I drink the juice? There are some girls in the yard, but I can see no boys. Where are the boys? There is a peculiar charm in her voice. Where is the bus station? There are two pets in the house: There is a TV antenna on the roof.

There is a mailbox between the building and the bus stop, 5. There is a big dog in front of the fireplace. Do you speak English at work or at school? She had a bad day today. I have a colour TV set. The TV set is on a little table in the corner of the room. There is a book, a pen, and some paper on my writing desk. My brother is a teacher. He works at school. He has very good books. His books are in a big bookcase.

There is some tea in my glass. His glass is empty. Where is the coffee table in your room? There is a cup on the coffee table and some newspapers. There is some coffee in the cup. There are some photographs on the sofa. There is a guitar on the chair near the piano. My brother loves football. Will he go to work in the future?

My friend has to get up early in the morning because he goes to school. The weather was very bad in the morning yesterday.

The sky was grey and it was raining. But in the middle of the day the weather began to change. The rain stopped and the sun appeared from behind the clouds. In the afternoon it was very warm. I did not want to stay at home and went into the yard. There were boys and girls in the yard. We played in the yard till late in the evening. When I came home, I drank tea, ate a sandwich and went to bed at once. I slept very well at night. My brother is a pupil.

He goes to school. He goes to school in the morning. He has five or six lessons every day. In the afternoon he goes home. At home he does his homework. In the evening he reads books. He usually goes to bed at half past ten. At night he sleeps. My father goes to work in the morning and comes home in the evening. I get up at half past seven in the morning and ga to bed at a quarter to eleven in the evening.

When does your mother leave home for work? When do you leave home for school? What do you do when you come home from school? I like jazz best. We always go to the Russian Museum on Sunday. On Saturday she usually goes to the Philharmonic.

In August he has his birthday. He is planning to have a nice party with his friends. There are three rooms and a kitchen in our new flat, 5, My new dress is made of silk. If you want to write something on the blackboard, you must have a piece of chalk. Are there any pupils in the classroom? I have a new English book. The book is very interesting.

There is a garden in front of our school. The garden is not large, but it is very nice. May is the fifth month of the year. Saturday is the sixth day of the week. Sunday is a day off. Today is the ninth of May.

He is going to a public phone to make a phone call to his grandfather. This is a nice place. In June we are going there for a holiday. My friends live in a small town. It is a new town. The streets in the town are broad and straight. There are beautiful buildings in them. The town is very green? There are some beautiful parks and gardens in the town. The people like to go there after work.

In the evening you can hear the sounds of music from the parks. There are some schools, some libraries, a hospital, a theatre, some cinemas, some polyclinics and some kindergartens in the town. This is a classroom. The classroom is large and light. There is a picture on the wall. What is the date today? It is the seventh of December. The third lesson today is a lesson of English. Pete, go to the blackboard. After school I usually go home.

My father always comes from work late: But on Friday he comes home early: On Saturday and on Sunday he does not go to work. Упражнение 19 I go to school in the morning, so I get up early.

I usually get up at a quarter past seven. I go to the bathroom, turn on the water and wash my face and hands. My father and mother also get up early in the morning. My mother works at an office. She is a typist. My father is a doctor. He works at a polyclinic. We have breakfast in the kitchen.

We eat porridge and eggs. My father and mother leave home for work at half past eight. My father goes to the polyclinic, and my mother goes to the office. I leave home for school at a quarter to nine. My granny stays at home and cooks dinner.

I have lunch at school after the third lesson. My father and mother have lunch at work. When we come home, we have dinner. Every day my husband goes to work, my son goes to school and I go to the institute. There is a new school at the corner of our street.

My daughter came home from school on Monday and said to me: The teacher told us a very interesting story at the lesson. When the bell rang, the pupils went into the classroom. What do you do after breakfast? My granny likes to read a book after lunch. People usually have breakfast in the morning.

They have dinner in the afternoon. In the evening people have supper. There is a proverb: Who cooks dinner in your family? Yesterday father told us a very interesting story at breakfast. What did you have for lunch at school on Wednesday? My mother never has supper with the family because she does not like to eat in the evening.

When do you clean your teeth in the morning: For breakfast I have coffee with milk and sugar. I have jam, too. There are different things on the dinner table. There is some bread, some butter and some ham. There are some cups and some glasses there. There is a jug on the table. The milk in the jug is hot.

There is a teapot on the table. There is tea in the teapot. The tea is hot, too. There are some plates, some forks and some knives on the table. The lamp is on the table. There is a lamp on the table.

Is there a lamp on the table? Is the lamp on the table? Is there a clock on the wall? There are two shelves on the wall. Where are the shelves? They have a large flat. There are four rooms in the flat.

Is the newspaper on the table? Is there a newspaper on the table? There is some butter on the plate. Where is the butter? There is some white and brown bread on the table. Pete has a small family. He has a father and a mother. He has no brother, but he has a sister. His sister is a pupil. She is a good girl. She has many Russian books, but she has no English books. There is a writing desk in the room.

The writing desk is good, There is a lamp on the writing desk. My uncle has a large family. They are six in the family, 4. We have a good library. Our books are in a big bookcase. Is your sister married? When do you come home? Do you like to watch TV in the evening? He watches television — all day. I never do it. But tonight I can spend the evening in front of the box, because there is a very interesting film on. My aunt and my uncle are doctors. They work at c a hospital.

I work in the morning and in the afternoon. I sleep at night. What does your mother do after breakfast? He watched the workers unloading the lorry. She saw people running along the street. I expect the teacher to give me a good mark. When did she have her hair cut? I want this music to be played every day.

The illness made him stay at home. Did you see anybody leave the room? Did Mother hear the boys saу so? Children love to have stories read to them. She saw him leaving the house. I know your sister to be an excellent singer. We expect the ship to come tomorrow. I saw the ship disappear behind the horizon. He heard the town dock strike tvelve. Mother wants us to go to the country. The children wanted the firtree to be put in the largest room. We expected him to return on the same day. I want you to come with me.

I want you to help me. Mother made me go to the country on Sunday. I saw him pass. They heard the door open. When will you have a new dress made? Father did not want me to read this magazine. I hate things to be broken. She wants to have her hair cut. Everybody knows her to be very brave. I expected you to do your homework. Did you see anybody speaking to him? She watched the children playing lotto.

His mother made him go to bed.

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