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Гдз раунд ап 1 ответы

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Some of the exercises can be done in closed pairs as mini-dialogues - orally first, then in writing - and finally checked in open pairs. Having students practise the mini-dialogues in closed pairs helps them build up their confidence and allows you to wander round the classroom and monitor and correct their errors before they have to speak in front of the whole class. At this level the exchanges are quite short, for example Unit 4 Ex. To vary the pairwork, try dividing the class into two big groups.

The two groups take turns chanting the sentences. This can get noisy! Groupwork You may want to give students extra practice by putting them into groups to do the exercises orally first and then in writing. Select a few groups to present their exercises to the class. Exercises with several sentences such as Unit 12 Ex.

In addition, exercises such as Unit 10 Ex. And in the case of Unit 11 Ex. In groups, students ask each other whether they like the food and put a tick. I or a cross X in the box. At the end of the activity, each group chooses one student to report back to the whole class. Extra games Team games Some of the exercises can also be adapted for team games.

Examples of these are Unit 2 Ex. Plurals The teacher divides the class into two teams and says nouns in the singular. In turns members of each team say the plural of the words. Each correct answer gets one point. The team with the most points is the winner.

You might want to make this more fun by encouraging students to think of unusual or funny animals penguins, elephants or objects. Grammar boxes and tables The grammar boxes and tables sum up the key grammar points in each unit. Students can refer to these while they are doing the practice activities and later when they are revising. Encourage them to use the boxes and to reread them often. Guessing new words Students should be encouraged to use their own language and words that they already know in English to guess the meaning of new vocabulary.

Recording new vocabulary in sets, for example by topic, can help students remember it. Additionally, it is useful for students to look at the illustrations, cover any labels and try to predict what each word might be in English before they do the exercises.

New Round-Up 1 Key 1 A",: B Yes, I am. There are two cats. There are three cows. There are four trees. There are two birds. These bags are theirs. This bus is his. These books are theirs. This hat is his. This bike is hers. I have got an umbrella. I have got a bike. I have got a watch. A 2 C 3 A 4 Ss listen to the song and sing along. Does Andy play tennis?

Does Andy like fish? Do Sally and Ben play tennis? Do Sally and Ben like fish? Do you play tennis? Do you like fish? She is listening to the radio. She is drinking tea. He is waterning the flowers. It is climbing a tree.

She is cleaning the windows. They are playing with toys. Mr and Mrs West are drinking coffee. Grandfather is reading a newspaper. Joe is going to school. Sally is eating breakfast.

Mr West is watching TV. Mrs West is talking on the phone. Joe is doing his homework. Sally is playing with her train. Mr and Mrs West are sitting in the sun. Joe and Katy are playing football. Grandfather is listening to the radio. Grandmother is cutting some flowers. Sally is drawing a picture. She is eating breakfast. He is doing his homework.

They are sitting in the sun. She is cutting some flowers. New Round-Up 1 Key 14 3 Are they sleeping now? She goes to the library. She goes to the gym. She washes the car. Started by Irina Rozina Jan Started by Irina Rozina Dec 28, Started by Irina Rozina Dec 10, Started by Irina Rozina Mar 25, Started by Irina Rozina Mar 22, Started by Irina Rozina Mar 15, Started by Irina Rozina Mar 13, Started by Irina Rozina Mar 10, Started by Irina Rozina Mar 4, Added by Irina Rozina 0 Comments 1 Like.

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